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Silberra Cinema 52XX - 135

ISO 200 | Process B&W| DX N/A

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Silberra CINEMA 52XX film is well-known Kodak 5222 Double-X cinema film, packed into reusable DX-coded cartridges. Kodak 5222 Double-X is one of the most popular films there in Hollywood: "Casino "Royal", "Kill Bill, Vol.1" and many other popular movies were shot on that film partially or totally. The film is also very popular with photographers due to its enhanced dynamic range: with 250 ISO (lowered to 200 ISO at Silberra version) this film gives you really awesome tonal range and widest possibilities in push- and pull-processing.

Please keep in mind that there are no precautions needed when processing b&w cinema film: it doesn't have any extra layers and won't contaminate your lab or chemicals.

Here are the dev time values for Silberra CINEMA 52XX film:

Developer ISO Dilution Dev time, min:sec Temperature
Kodak D-76 200 Stock 7:00 20.0ºC
Silberra Ascorol 200 1+29 10:30 20.0ºC 
Ilford ID-11 250 1:1 10:00 20.0ºC
Ilford ID-11 400 Stock 9:00 20.0ºC
Ilford Microphen 800 Stock 10:00 20.0ºC
Adox Rodinal 250 1+50 11:00 20.0ºC
Silberra RDN-LQ 200 1+50 6:30 20.0ºC
Kodak XTOL 200 Stock 7:00 20.0ºC
Kodak XTOL 250 1:1 10:00 20.0ºC
Ilford Microphen 400 Stock 8:30 20.0ºC
Kodak D-76 250 1:1 10:00 20.0ºC
Silberra MICRO-F 200 Stock 8:30 20.0ºC
Kodak D-76 400 Stock 9:00 20.0ºC
Kodak HC-110 200 B (1:31) 5:00 20.0ºC
Ilford ID-11 200 Stock 7:00 20.0ºC