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Santa Summer 125 - 120

ISO 125 | Process B&W| DX N/A

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Santa film is film from Santa! It started in 2019 with Santa RAE 1000, a high speed black and white film first released in a limited run of 1500 units. By the end of the year all were sold out.

Since then, we’ve added 120 film and bulk rolls. New in 2021 is Summer Santa, a 125 ISO film Santa originally made for his vacations to Miami in the 1980s. Now everyone can have fun in the sun!

The 2019 batch of the film was shot by people around the world at ISO 1000 or 800 with great results. Santa and his troop have propietary developing chemicals and machines to develop their own film, that are not available to us humans, so the sensitivity with human chemicals is relative to how you develop it. See the developing instructions page for good ISO1000 results.