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JOBO 1500S Lab Kit S (Pre-order)

ISO N/A | Process N/A| DX N/A

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- process your own black & white film!

- the perfect starter kit for your own lab!

- all you need to process your 35 mm film

The JOBO LAB Kit S is all you need to get started with processing your own 35 mm black&white films inside the JOBO Tank 1510. The only thing not included is chemistry and water. The JOBO graduates allow for precise measurement of any liquid. The two scaled bottles allow ideal storage of developer and fixer chemistry. The precise thermometer makes sure that the chemistry has the ideal temperature for your needs (normally 20°). The convenient film clips make sure that your precious film hangs perfectly straight while drying.

FILM CAPACITY: 1x 35 mm film

Kit includes:
+ 1 JOBO Tank 1510 (including 1 reel 1501)
+ 2 Scaled JOBO bottles (600 ml)
+ 1 JOBO Graduate (260ml)
+ 1 JOBO Graduate (20ml)
+ 1 Set of JOBO Film Clips
+ 1 JOBO Color Thermometer